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ss-2012-07Raising money can be pretty challenging for a modest school like ours. But then I remind myself we are embarking on this annual fund drive together and that makes me feel better. Jane, our Admissions Director and former Development Director, told me that in the recent past she blew away a room full of school fundraisers by remarking that at our little school over 90% of the community of parents and alumni gave to the Annual Fund, and 100% of staff. And the room full of fundraisers laughed and said, “RICH folk, huh?”

Nope. Definitely not that, but generous as all heck.

There are many ways to contribute to The Center School

Monthly Donation: Perhaps you are a sustaining member of your local public radio station. Or perhaps your Netflix subscription is on autopay. Why not do that with your donation to the Center School, too? Think about the impact of regular giving to the school. As one monthly donor says “I like to be reminded – every month – that my school is running because of my support.”
Monthly Contribution form

Memorial or Honor Gift: Arrange for your gift to be made in memory of a loved one, or in honor of a special event or holiday. You may request that we send a letter notifying someone of your gift.
Make a Memorial Donation, or Honor a Loved One

One-time Donation: Your gift in any amount will make a difference.

WHAT CAN $30 DO AT The Center School? $75? $1000?

One child’s swimming lessons in spring program
Materials for classroom art project: Middles puppet show
5 Bunsen burners for the Uppers lab work

Materials for State or Country studies
New playground balls and jump ropes
Paint for a classroom

Enough sculpting materials for the winter decorations project, in MUPs
A set of novels for literature class
Overhead projector for music

One week sponsorship of the Pizza Lunch Fundraiser

New materials for the drama corner in Primes
The monarch butterfly unit in the Primes

Entire school to go to a performance at UMass
A videographer to document the 8th Grade Plays
New art sink
A math workshop, for one teacher

Rental of tent, chairs, and PA for graduation

New flooring for a classroom
New bathroom stalls for one bathroom

Covers fees for one full year of AfterSchool, for one child

One year’s worth of radio ads to promote the school’s message, and increase admissions

Make a one-time donation through PayPal


We are also happy to take your donation over the phone or via mail.

Click here for a printable form: Contribution Form

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By mail:
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Greenfield Center School
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